Why you shouldn’t constantly search for yourself on Google: Insights from a online marketing agency

You heard people start with “I searched for my own ads”, right? In the followig, we will explain why this hinders the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns. And why it drives your online marketing agency up the wall.

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads, such as Google Ads, are among the most effective and measurable tools in marketing. They function as money-making machines with the right expertise, but without it, they can literally become money pits. That’s why those who use them usually pay great attention to monitoring. But sometimes not in the right way.

A Digital Marketing Agency’s Advice on Google Ads

It often happens that the company’s CEO/marketer regularly searches for their own paid ads on Google to make sure they are running. This does more harm than they might think: with each click, they shorten themselves. It takes away from the carefully calculated daily budget, which means they lose revenue at the end of the day.

As the name suggests, with PPC (pay-per-click) ads, you pay for each click. So, when you click on your own ads, you’re just wasting your money because your click doesn’t lead to a conversion. By clicking on your ads, you unintentionally reduce the conversion rate and increase the cost per conversion. It’s true that we’re usually talking about a few tens of forints, but for certain keywords, the cost per click can be as high as a few hundred HUF. Think about it: if you spend 100,000 HUF a month on Google Ads, then your daily budget is about 3,300 HUF. With a CPC (cost per click) of 150 HUF, you can buy about 20-22 clicks a day. If you and your colleagues click on 1-2 of these a day, by the end of the month, you could be wasting 10-20% of your budget.

If you just search for the ad but don’t click on it? That also negatively affects the quality score of the campaign. This affects the click-through rate, and the system will evaluate that the content is not relevant to you. So the more you search for yourself without clicking on the website, the less likely you are to see your own ad again.

Speaking of quality score

Google ranks ads based on various factors. Based on this value, it then determines when an ad can appear and where. It is also important for the algorithm how many people search for a given keyword and how much competition there is among advertisers.

Every search counts in this summary. Yes, yours too! So before you search for your own keywords, keep in mind that you are making that term more popular and generating more competition. Have you already searched several times for a keyword that you use in your ads? You may notice that your advertising costs have increased due to the higher demand for the keyword. And since you don’t click on your own ad, you signal to the algorithm that it is not relevant. Which lowers your own quality score. This can lead to fewer appearances and more expensive clicks.

You also need to pay attention to the daily budget limit

In the case of PPC platforms, the monthly budget is divided into a daily budget. This means that your campaigns are optimized to spend this amount on average per day. So you appear throughout the month. On certain days, your account’s budget may be exhausted before the end of the day, depending on the number of impressions/clicks.

When you search for your own running ads as a company, you use up the daily budget of the campaign, which prevents real, potential customers from seeing your ads later in the day. And if you search for your own ad when the daily budget has already been exhausted, you won’t find yourself. This creates an anxiety-inducing situation, leading you to run the search again and again, further worsening the campaign results. It’s a vicious cycle…

Don’t forget that frequent clicking benefits your competitors! If your ad budget runs out, their ads will continue to be visible. And they will appear instead of you, as you are trying to reach a similar target audience.

Why can’t you see your ads?

As an advertiser, it can be frustrating if you can’t find your own ads, which is understandable. This can happen not only if the ads are set up incorrectly (so there is a system error). But also, for example, if the daily budget has run out (because so many potential customers clicked on it – or you checked your ads too much), or if, based on your search history (which is different for every user), Google’s algorithms consider your own ad irrelevant to you (because, for example, you have already searched for it so many times without clicking). So if you regularly (weekly, daily, or multiple times a day) search for your own ads, keywords, or name, you are definitely shooting yourself in the foot and hurting the performance of your own ads, thus the effectiveness of your entire online marketing.

What can you do?

If you still want to track your running ads, you can easily do so with Google’s tool by clicking HERE, without affecting its performance. It is important to trust the system and the professionals who manage it. Of course, it is essential to work with ethical marketing professionals, those whose knowledge and ethics you trust, whether they are external or internal marketers.

Consult an online marketing agency in Budapest For the best results, consider consulting a marketing agency in Budapest.

They can manage your ads efficiently and ensure that you don’t fall into common pitfalls.

A professional agency can also provide insights and strategies tailored to your specific needs.

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