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Welcome to the Marketing MSc Podcast

Welcome to the Marketing MSc Podcast A treasure trove of advanced marketing solutions and the latest industry trends. Ideal for entrepreneurs who want to ethically stand out from the advertising noise, and for marketing professionals and students aiming for the pinnacle of their profession.

Dive bi-weekly into the exciting world of marketing psychology and neuromarketing with Noémi. Get ready to analyze concrete marketing strategies, learn pricing tips, and gain insights into seasonal campaigns, strategic planning, and everything related to social media – from YouTube to Facebook, Instagram to Pinterest, and Google.

The Host: Noémi Matykó

Noémi brings a unique professional insight and captivating storytelling to make each episode enjoyable. Her expertise not only illuminates the intricate paths of modern marketing but also turns them into an adventure.

Season 2: Even More Spectacular!

We are delighted to announce that our second season is no longer just for your ears, but for your eyes too! Join us on YouTube for a dynamic visual experience, or tune in on Spotify for the usual soundtrack.

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