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What kind of a team are we? A very convergent one. We never yield quality. Not only for you, but for us too.



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We are determined to build high quality marketing campaigns for small and medium businesses. We believe in ethical marketing, where we treat your company like it was our own. We put in all of our knowledge and creativity to raise your company out of the grey zone. We don’t make irresponsible promises, only work with precise planning and data, so you can relax: your company is in good hands. There’s no loyalty-period, because we want to prove to you month by month.


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Google Partner certification, Marketing
Diamond Award

Since 2014, we are certified Google Partners. This certification might help you when you are thinking about pay-per-click ads: with us, you can be sure that your ads will be managed by a professional team, always working on leading the highest number of customers to your website, with the lowest optimal cost.

We won the Hungarian Marketing Association’s Marketing Diamond Award in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. We would love to work on your brand, product or service to be among the winners as well.

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Our team

Who you can always count on

Matykó Noémi Chiro Marketing

Noémi Matykó

managing director

Master of arts and economics and a natural born dreamer. Her specialties are strategy building and small and medium business online marketing. As an enthusiastic researcher of neuromarketing, she pledged to the ethical representation of marketing. In her free time, she is a passionate traveler.

Eszter Boldog 

senior online marketing expert

Eszter has been proving herself in the area of online marketing for more than 6 years. She’s constantly creating strategies, organizing, implementing and brainstorming and she’s never scared of challenges. Her exactitude often amazes others.

Benjamin Szőnyi

head of ppc

Beni has a 5- year digital agency background, he is direct and customer-focused, has a lot of creativity, a strategic approach and lots of humor. In his free time, you will find him at a lakeside or in the forest, if you can spot him in his green clothes.

József Vanyovszki 

graphic designer, senior content manager

A creative, uncompromising graphic artist, who can find the exciting content opportunity in every topic. Be it the making of advertisement creatives or designing logos, he will prove to stand his ground. In his spare time, he likes reading about the diversity of biology.

Viktória Virág Jovon

ppc specialist

Viki has found her passion in online marketing. She is responsible for the full management of PPC campaigns, Facebook, Ads, Instagram and Youtube advertisements. In her spare time she loves to travel and is a theater-fiend.

Kántor Eszter

Eszter Kántor

senior account manager

Eszter has been working in the online marketing world for 5 years. She is most comfortable organizing and planning campaigns and keep an eye on everything. She is a newsletter expert, but her love is copywriting. In her freetime, she loves reading, and you can catch her at outdoor concerts when the weather is nice.

Nyul Angelika Bianka

Angelika Bianka Nyul

junior graphic designer

Angelika has gotten into online marketing 2 years ago. She just graduated from Budapest University of Technology and Economics’ communication and media sciences programme. She spends her freetime with her rabbits or learning Italian and deepening her UX/UI knowledge.

Orbán Renáta

Renáta Orbán

junior online marketing manager

Reni recently moved to Budapest from the middle of Transylvania. She is currently doing her master’s degree in marketing at BCE, but she feels her relationship with online marketing is going to be long-term. She adores travelling, and she is a scout, so she spends his free time among children or just hiking on a high mountain.

Szászik Norward

Norward Szászik

junior online marketing manager

Norward is an enthusiastic intern of the Chiro team. Thanks to his endless curiosity and desire for knowledge, he can’t say no to challenges. At work, he feels comfortable in content creation, and at home in everything related to gaming or LEGO.

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