Together we can do great things!

We are determined to build high-quality marketing campaigns for domestic companies. We believe in ethical marketing, where we treat your company as if it were our own. We will use all our knowledge and creativity to make your company stand out from the drabness of the competition. We don’t make irresponsible promises, we just work with accurate planning, measurements and data so you can always rest assured: your company’s marketing is in good hands. No loyalty period, we want to prove it to you month after month!

Our Team

Matykó Noémi


Mészáros Bence

Account Director

Szőnyi Benjámin

PPC Vezető

Vanyovszki József

Senior Content Manager & Graphic Designer

Jovon Virág Viktória

Senior PPC Manager

Bolla György

Senior Account Manager

Petró Dávid

Senior Graphic Designer

Kántor Eszter

Senior Account Manager

Mészáros Csenge

Junior Marketing Manager

Jánosi Eszter

Junior Marketing Manager

Hajdu Nikoletta-Ilona

Junior Online Marketing Manager

Hervert Dániel

Junior PPC Manager

Nagy Dávid

Social Media Manager

Domokos Ádám

Online marketing gyakornok

Karasz András

Online marketing gyakornok

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