Tired of Facebook marketing? Explore the possibilities with an online marketing agency on Pinterest!

If you are fed up with Facebook and looking for an exciting, effective social media channel, then take advantage of the marketing opportunities on Pinterest. In the following we share exciting practical tips for this.

How is it different from other social media platforms?

Pinterest is primarily a social media channel that serves as a source of inspiration. Users primarily follow topics that interest them rather than pages. The posts that appear here are called pins, which can be attached to a link. You can organize your own pins and favorite pins into boards based on topics, moods, or relevant aspects for your company. You can also structure your profile similar to your website: for example, for a company selling attractive products, organizing by collections results in a clear, clean feed. The example below shows the feed of our client, Life&Wall.

Why should you start with a business profile?

Unlike most social media platforms, users come to Pinterest to be inspired, so your pins can be found by those who haven’t heard of your business before. Thanks to the keywords, they can organically reach your profile, where they can get more ideas from your posts. With the links placed in the pins, you can easily redirect them to your webshop or any other platform where your brand is present, which is also good for search engine optimization. If you’re working with a marketing agency in Budapest, they can help optimize these efforts.

Another great advantage of pins is that while the life cycle of a post on Facebook and Instagram is at most a few days, popular pins can last for weeks or even years after they are published. To be found by a user, it is enough if they want to be inspired and your content comes across them – they don’t need to know your brand, it’s enough if you fall into their area of interest.

If you don’t believe in the power of Pinterest, here are some numbers:

  • The number of Pinterest users increased by 37% last year,
  • 83% of users who regularly visit the platform have already bought a product they first saw on Pinterest,
  • More than 1.5 million people use it in Hungary,
  • Worldwide, it has 431 million active users,
  • Reach can be up to two to three times higher than on Facebook.

How to use it effectively?

Show your service in the most creative way possible! If you sell home decor or related products, such as paint or furniture, don’t just focus on the product and impressive interiors. Give users a little extra! Show insights into the work processes, create a few-step assembly guide, or a style board that harmonizes with the color of the product. It’s also not a problem if your product is difficult to visualize, as people love infographics! Talk about the benefits of your service, the specific results, and why it’s worth choosing you.

You can create a separate board for customer feedback, where you display the pictures sent by users. This way, a close relationship is formed between you and your customers, and you can also acquire new customers more easily.

Activity is important! The content saved or pinned by users they follow appears in their news feed. If people react to your content, they themselves will generate more views for you.

Pin it, or how to get the most out of your pins!

Successful Pinterest communication doesn’t always require new content. If you’ve written a great blog post or uploaded an exciting video to your YouTube channel, you can also attach their links to the pins. The most important thing is to create high-quality, visual content – the focus is on visualization.

3+1 tips you shouldn’t miss in your posts:

  • Create a striking design that immediately grabs users’ attention! If you run out of ideas, we give you some ideas in our previous blog post on how to spice up your images.
  • Product display: you can pin the product featured in the image, so you can immediately encourage users to buy.
  • Tag every pin and board with relevant keywords, as Pinterest ranks content based on these, and through keywords, you can be found with a simple Google search.
  • +1 Don’t forget to promote your Pinterest account on other platforms as well.

Keep an eye on the results!

As with any platform, measurements play a huge role on Pinterest too! Track which keywords, pins, and boards perform well, and adjust your strategy accordingly! You can do this without leaving the platform, as Pinterest has its own analytics software. There you can query relevant data at any time. A marketing agency in Budapest can assist in analyzing these metrics for better performance.


Pinterest is a great platform for introducing your brand to new people organically, without using ads or targeted advertising. It is recommended for anyone who wants to gain an advantage over their competitors. However, it is especially effective for visually strong products, given that it is primarily a photo-sharing, creative environment. If you want to get into Pinterest marketing but are unsure, feel free to contact our online marketing agency for assistance.





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