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The goal of the Hello Biznisz Facebook group and community is to support Hungarian businesses through knowledge sharing. Members of the Facebook group can read useful professional articles and also ask questions to the permanent Hello Biznisz experts. Which includes Chiro Marketing CEO, Noémi Matykó. As our marketing agency is here to assist you, we’ve compiled a little taste of Noémi’s favorite articles. We hope they will be helpful to you and inspire you to engage in entrepreneurial networking!

Defining the target audience based on social media data

To build truly effective marketing processes, it is essential to know your target audience. You need to know who you want to sell to. You need to learn what their points pain are, what problems they face. And then you can provide answers and solutions to these. Your social media platforms provide quick and effective help in this regard. Their analytics tools provide valuable data about the composition and online behavior of your audience.

First, visit the Facebook Analytics section!

In the “People” tab, you can see who follows your page or your content. Whether it’s about the distribution of genders, their age, or their geographical location, you can find the answer to every question. Strive to ensure that your customer target group is in line with your social media target group! It is worth considering what might be behind the audience composition. If that differs from your strategy and goals, you should correct it as soon as possible. Our online marketing agency can help you analyze these insights.

The “Reach” tab, on the other hand, shows how many people saw your post on their “wall” during the analyzed period. We recommend that you not focus on individual numbers, but look for correlations over a longer period! Try out new post types, new posting schedules, and observe how your reach changes! In the “Posts” section, you can see when your followers are most active during the day. From this you can deduce, for example, when it’s best to post. You can see the results of your posts in one place, based on which you can draw conclusions. For expert advice, consult a marketing agency in Budapest.

Next up is Instagram!

You can access Instagram analytics with a business or content creator account by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner, then on “Analytics.” Although the statistics are not as detailed as on Facebook, you can still see the demographic distribution of your followers. Women, men, what age group they are from, and their geographical location. This information helps you to tailor your communication, posts, and ads even more to your target audience. You’ve done a good job if your Facebook and Instagram analytics show similar numbers and the two follower bases visibly overlap each other.

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Basic rules and useful tips for blogging

Blogging in 2021? Yes, you read that right, because a well-written, informative blog can give your brand more than you think. According to one of Google’s surveys, those who write blogs can generate 67% more “leads,” or interested parties, compared to those who do not use this online marketing tool.

Here’s how to be a conscious blogger!

As you may have read in the previous article summary, the first step in blogging should be defining your target audience! Look at who you want to address. Whom can you offer value with your writing? Then choose which customer segment best serves your business goals! Once you have your target audience, define your main theme! Always look for something where you can say something new, and something that can help your customers, your interested parties. Many people make the mistake of starting to blog weekly with great enthusiasm, then after a month or two, when motivation wanes, the number of blogs also decreases. Always “commit” to a regularity! Then maintain that in the future, as your diligence, so too can your visitors’ interest quickly decrease.

If you’ve set up the interface on your website, then all that’s left is to write the specific blog posts. Have a very good, short, concise title that can appeal to emotions (as well), as this will make more people click on it! The introduction, or lead, should consist of two to three, maximum four sentences, summarize your message, and raise questions that will be answered in the blog post! It’s important not to try to sell at all costs, as the purpose of a content marketing tool is to share valuable knowledge, experience, or entertainment through storytelling for your users! With good blog posts, you can eventually reach the point where your loyal users and readers will thank you for your valuable content with purchases or subscriptions.

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Turning visitors into buyers: practical tips for webshop owners

Do you know what was the most significant marketing trend of 2020? That everyone went online. Those who could, digitized their business and redirected sales to webshops or websites. Although it is a fact that Covid favored online businesses, this does not mean that every webshop can become a golden egg-laying hen. Many webshop owners focus only on visitor acquisition in marketing, but this is a big mistake. Today, the conversion rate in an average Hungarian webshop is around 2%, which means that only 2 out of 100 visitors will make a purchase. Our digital marketing agency can help improve this ratio.

How to improve this ratio?

To reduce cart abandonment, you can employ several tactics. For example, always clearly communicate the shipping terms! Your customers should know at the beginning of the purchasing process how long and at what cost you will deliver their orders, as the omission of these can lead to immediate customer loss. Don’t forget that today 60-90% of purchases are made from mobile devices, so you make a serious mistake if you don’t optimize your website for mobile. Check your surfaces from multiple mobile devices to see if everything is error-free and aesthetically pleasing! Isn’t it annoying when a page loads data slowly? Imagine all this during a purchasing process, and you’ll immediately understand why your website’s speed is extremely important. Your customers don’t like to wait – according to a Google study, 53% of people leave a website on mobile if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds.

Finally, but not least, it may seem obvious, but also make sure that the entire purchasing process works! You can burn all the money in the world if the customer can’t put the product in the cart or can’t pay for it. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to occasionally make test orders to see the process yourself and correct any errors.

For expert support, contact a marketing agency in Budapest, or if you just need a few more tips, continue reading the article here!

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