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Advertise on social media with calculable costs!

There are almost 6 million active Hungarian users on Facebook, who averagely spend 1.5-2 hours a day on social media pages. Why don’t you introduce your product or service to them in the meantime? Get closer to your customers with Facebook and Instagram ads!

Let our PPC experts find the online solutions that work best for your company! Trust us with managing your Facebook and Instagram ads, and while you deal with other business affairs, we take care of your campaigns.

Why is it important to advertise on Facebook and Instagram?

You can easily reach your target audience with Facebook’s unique targeting options, since you can target your ads to your buyer persona by sex, age, location, interests, life status, education, etc.

It brings immediate results. You don’t have to wait months for your investments to return.

You only pay for aquired visitors, and the costs are calculable.

It offers spectacular ad formats, e.g. galleries, video ads, Instagram stories, etc.

It offers great metrics, with which you can follow what happens with your budget, and what kind of results it brings.

It is an effective brand-building tool, because you can raise brand awareness fast in your target group with Facebook and Instagram.

You can also advertise your new, groundbreaking, innovative products that people haven’t started searching for in search engines.

Moneyback guarantee

100% money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our work, you don’t have to pay our fee. You have nothing to loose.

It is a pleasure for us to work with Chiro Marketing agency. They help us with social sites, PPC ads and affiliate program. In fact, they are the part of our company. We hope in a long-term cooperation.


An excellent and proactive team! Their work yielded original and witty solutions. They have made themselves irreplaceable.


Our professional PPC experts will find the best and most effective solution for your company!

Matykó Noémi Chiro Marketing

Why work with us?

We are young, passionate and extravagant. We dare to dream big. We grew up in the online space, we were breast-fed on social media and the Web. Our managing director, Noémi Matykó has been working in online marketing for 10 years. In her career, she has worked on thousands of ads and spent a budget of hundred millions effectively.

8 reasons to choose Chiro


We find the time to get to know your target audience, and to create your buyer persona.


Your ads will speak to your target audience, because they will be written by a creative copywriter.


A professional PPC expert will implement your campaigns, who knows how to reach your goals.


No strings attached: if you are not satisfied, you may cancel the contract at any time, with a 30-day notice period, there are no yearly obligations.


Your ad creatives will be designed by an educated graphic artist.


You will have an inside view of our work, and you will know exactly what happens with your money.


We continuously monitor your campaign results and optimize your budget.


We will send you a detailed report each month about your ad results, so that you can make your business decisions more easily.

More than

satisfied customer

More than


 HUF ad budget spent

More than

campaigns created

You need us if…

you are a beginner and not familiar with the expressions “brand awareness”, “lookalike”, “instant experience”, because we understand them for you.

you have some experience, know some of Facebook’s and Instagram’s secrets, but you still don’t know which solutions would be best for your business.

you are a pro in online advertisement, and you know exactly what you need, but have no capacity to deal with it indoors.

Ask us for a quotation if you are looking for a professional team to handle your Facebook ads above 100 000 HUF/month budget!

We are grateful for the cooperation in the last few years. During this time we have experienced significant growth as a result of the good marketing activity and homely (i.e. client-friendly) attitude. We are sending special thanks for the great ideas and creative tips regarding our Facebook campaigns – and the implementation of these. Keep up the good work!

 Zsolt Hudanik, rolitura.hu

Cooperating with Chiro has yielded its results. They successfully adapted to each complicating factor that came as a consequence of us being a state-owned company. Due to their marketing activity, our book sales reached an all-time record high, thus corresponding income surpassed all of our imaginations. We consider Chiro Marketing Ltd. a reliable and fair company. We recommend them straight from our hearts.

Cooperation is this easy with us:

Steps of cooperation

You need to exploit the income opportunities that Facebook has too!

For that, you will need professional ads.

Contact us!

If you know what you need or if you still have no clue what to do – it doesn’t matter to us. We are there to help.

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